The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

Have you ever received something from another person that brought you joy, or changed your life for the better? Have you ever been struggling, only to receive the relief you need at precisely the right time? Do you remember how you felt?

The transaction of giving and receiving is free. The reason we give, is because we have received. Our ability to give is a direct result of having received something. Without having, we could not give. Whether we worked for it, or inherited it, having enough that we may give to others is a blessing. Having gratitude for that which we have gives us motivation to share with others, giving them not only the object of blessing but also the feelings associated with receiving a gift.

Why should we give?

Because others need. To give to one who is in need is an act of love beyond measure. To give, without the desire to receive anything in return, is a golden character trait like a diamond in the rough. It is recognizing that the person you are giving to, is a human being equal to yourself–with feelings, riding the same roller coaster that you are, called life.

However, we don’t only give to those who are in dire need. We give to our friends and our family, out of generosity. In this case, we might give because of the impact of our actions. A gift might bring a smile, or a feeling of  joy and gratitude into the heart of the person who received.

The simple act of giving and receiving goes beyond any materialistic item, it reaches our souls on a spiritual level that results in emotions beyond explanation. For the receiver, they may feel joy and gratitude. Making another being feel happy makes the giver feel great, too. Amazingly, these healthy, positive emotions benefit our overall well being. Giving anything goes way beyond the physical level, it’s like sending Love straight from your own heart into the heart of another person.

Giving is contagious. The receiver will likely want to spread that same joy they received onto another person. I’ll give you an example.

Last night, I got off work late at night. I ordered a slice of pizza through a walk-up window on a cold, snowy night about an hour before the restaurant closed. It was late–about 1 a.m., I needed food, and it was one of the only places open. For the burden of preparing food for me, I tipped the employees triple what the food cost me. I said “The change is a tip!” He said, “For real?! Thank you!” In return, they gave me an extra slice of pizza. This filled my heart with joy, and hope for the kindness of humanity. Receiving the extra slice encouraged me to give more–I walked back to my job and offered the extra slice to my co-worker. His response was “You walked back here in the snow to give me this food?” The gratitude and happiness was written on his face. My act of kindness has now impacted him internally, and maybe in the future he will think of what I did, and want to do the same for someone else. I went home feeling full of love in my heart.

The next day I saw him, he said to me “That slice of pizza really made my night, thank you.”

Whether someone needs your gift or not, the act of giving is translated into an act of spreading love. There is always a chance that whoever you choose to give to will be moved by you what you did-their perspective could change, their mood could change, all because of your action.

Giving doesn’t have to be an item that costs a lot of money. The smallest act of kindness can go a long way, if the right person is on the receiving end. You aren’t losing anything from giving–you are only gaining more Love in your heart.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

– Anne Frank

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”

– Brian Tracy

By: KayLynn P.

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