Buying a Car? Look at the Big Picture

Buying a Car? Look at the Big Picture

Buying a Car? Look at the Big Picture

What triggers you to buy another car? Is it when your old car starts needing excessive repairs? Is it when gas prices escalate? Maybe it is when there is another need in the family or you outgrow your current vehicle. Whatever the key trigger, price is always a major factor in determining the choice of that vehicle. Some choose a car based on the price, others on how that price impacts monthly payments.

But it can be useful to look at “the big picture” when buying your next vehicle.


Whether you are buying a new or new to you car, it is probably, in part, to reduce maintenance and repair costs. Buying a new vehicle under warranty can virtually eliminate these costs for years. When you consider the reduced costs of maintenance and repairs, you may be able to afford more options in your next car.

Fuel Mileage

Take some time to estimate how your next vehicle may impact your fuel costs each month. If you are moving from a gas guzzler to an economy car, those savings can be substantial.

Eventual “Outcome” for the New Vehicle

Few of us rarely consider what we will eventually do with a newer car we are buying. Will you drive it until the wheels come off? Pass it down to the next driver in the family? Sell it in a year, or two, or five? Your intended outcome for that vehicle could impact your choice upfront.

Automobile Insurance

Families often purchase a car with no idea the impact it may have on their car insurance rates. This could be significant. In addition, many won’t compare rates between companies. This is another reason working with an independent auto insurance agent can be so valuable. They can quote rates prior to your purchase, so you know upfront. They also can also compare rates from their network of companies to find the most competitive prices for car insurance for the vehicle you have in mind.

Considering getting another car? Look at the big picture, including its impact on your automobile insurance rates. We will be glad to help you compare.

Be Confidently Insured.


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