Privacy Matters?

Privacy Matters?

With modern day technology, there are many mind-blowing things possible.  Technology that can monitor your driving, sense Carbon Dioxide in your home, check the surface area of your tooth that has been brushed, etc. There are certain aspects of technology that are pushing limits. For example, your cell phone can monitor your conversations to see what kind of advertisements to put on your social media. New technology listens to what you’re saying until you say a key term that the device is designed to respond to; like the device that will turn your lights on and off at the sound of your voice. Some things about modern technology are great, while others feel like an interference with privacy.

What does privacy mean to you?

To me, privacy is essential to my wellbeing. Today’s society is so judgmental of every little thing that without privacy, I may feel compromised of what I truly enjoy. For instance, I may not take the same book into a coffee shop with me that I’d feel perfectly comfortable reading from my home. This is because of the judgment of others. Being free of judgment in my space makes a difference in who I am.

Privacy is important because it helps maintain an unbiased reputation for you. There is usually a “professional version” of every person that differs from how that individual acts alone or with family.  The version of yourself that you choose to present to others is where your reputation should come from. Not from the version of you sitting on your couch with your jammies on, in need of a shower.

Having the ability to filter through every thought that goes through your head and only release the appropriate ones is a wonderful thing. Could you imagine a world where everyone could hear your thoughts, or see everything you’ve ever Googled? Certain things are not meant to be shared.

Without privacy, we are more vulnerable to being controlled. It’s important that we are in control of our data and information to be able to accept or reject how it is being used. Privacy gives respect to each individual as they are.

Privacy is a fundamental right to seclude myself and my moral decisions from the public eye and authority. It is a right to be free from surveillance.

What do you think? Do the benefits of new technology outweigh the negatives of having our privacy revoked?

 By: Kaylynn

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