How Your Life Can Be Easier and Cheaper with IoT

How Your Life Can Be Easier and Cheaper with IoT

The way of today’s society is about living life in the fast lane and trying to get as much money as you can get your hands on—no, not you, sticky-fingered kleptomaniacs. Imagine devices that collect and transfer information instantly and can also save you money in the long-run. I’m referring to what’s known as IoT, or, the Internet of Things.

What “things”, you may ask? With such a broad title, what “things” are including the internet? It’s anywhere from home-security devices, to a toothbrush. What even is IoT? The Internet of Things uses a system of devices implanted with a technology that senses different aspects of that device’s surroundings and relays that useful information right to your cell phone. This technology can take the details of your everyday life and instantly send those facts to help you improve the quality of your life in many ways.

IoT includes devices that instantly measure carbon dioxide levels to prevent housefires via the smoke detector in your home, and doorbells that enable you to answer your door from your office space and have a face-to-face conversation from work. Also, the toothbrushes that measure the exact surface area of your teeth you are brushing, preventing too many trips to the dreaded-dentist’s office.

By having IoT connected to a security device in your home, with quick-response alarms equipped with built-in cameras that send notifications directly to your smart phone, the risk of emergency situations and burglaries in your home can greatly be reduced. When your agent notices you have preventative devices to protect your home, they are likely to reduce the cost of your home insurance.

Similarly, using an app on your smart phone enabled with UBI, or usage-based insurance telematics, to measure how quickly you stop and accelerate, your speed, even what time you’re driving, can result in discounts on car insurance. Some insurance companies use your driving record to decide how much your insurance is. This depends on how your driving is, rated on a scale from 80-year-old grandma, to absolute maniac. Just kidding, I think the scale involves more numbers.

This form of technology has begun to attach itself to numerous devices we use in our everyday lives, and it will only continue to impact our lives in the future, so let’s use it to our advantage.

 By: Kaylynn

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