The Power of Color

The Power of Color

The Power of Color

We take it for granted, but color impacts just about every aspect of our lives. Hair and eye color impact who we are attracted to and who is attracted to us. Color affects our mood and emotions. Marketers and advertisers use color to sell us products, and sports teams use it in their branding.

Is our attraction and repulsion to certain colors random? Some believe colors provoke psychic vibrations. Here is what science and research have to say about the power of color in our lives.

The Power The Color Red

Red has long been accepted to be the power color. Red lights stop us and warn us. Little red sports cars attract us. Red stimulates the mind and is viewed as signifying color. You’ll often see politicians and candidates wearing red ties or scarves.

Energy and Vitality

If you want to promote energy and growth, green is the suggested color. You’ll often see green colors used on packaging for organic products, gardening tools, and vitamins. You don’t, however, often see green cars.


If you are interested in creating an atmosphere of sophistication, black is the color of choice. From black tie affairs to a woman’s little black dress, black is simple, direct, and understated. Black is also associated with intelligence.

Calmness and Serenity

Generally, pastels can convey a sense of calmness and serenity, with pink being seen as the most calming color. Pink has been used to paint the interiors of jails and prisons to promote a calmer atmosphere.


Two colors are most credited with promoting wealth. They are purple and, of course, gold. These colors are also associated with creativity and royalty.


Interestingly, blue is associated with friendliness but also sadness. Darker blues can often convey strength and reliability.


Looking for a room that makes you feel happy when you enter it? Consider painting it yellow. This color promotes joy, warmth, and happiness.

Most of us look at colors more simply. We either like them or not. It is probably more involved than we realize.

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