Dogs and Home Insurance

Dogs and Home Insurance

Dogs and Home Insurance

If you are considering adding a dog to your family, you should be aware that it could impact your home insurance in several ways. Here are some common questions and answers when it comes to dogs and homeowners’ insurance.

Should you tell your home insurance company when you get a dog?

Absolutely. If you don’t and your dog bites someone, your home insurance company may not only deny any injury claim and legal expenses, but it may even be grounds to cancel your policy.

Is animal damage covered under home insurance?

Animal damage by large wildlife may be covered under the provisions of your home insurance. This could include damage from bears or deer. Smaller animal damage is generally considered an infestation and would not be covered. Damage from a pet dog would not. That being said, if your home sustains fire damage from a dog chewing on an electrical cord or by knocking over a candle, damage may be covered.

Can certain breeds increase home insurance rates?

Your home insurance rates could be affected if your insurance provider labels your dog’s breed as aggressive.

Is my dog’s value covered by home insurance if stolen?

Home insurance generally only covers liability issues involving pets. This means it will not cover the cost of replacing a stolen pet. Some specialized pet insurance companies, however, do offer optional coverage for pet theft.

Besides biting, are there other liability issues my pet could cause?

Yes. If your dog causes a trip and fall, or even if its barking or charging causes a delivery person to run, slip, and fall, and become injured, you could be held liable. As long as your insurer is aware of the pet, you will likely be covered for any legal and medical expenses that may result.

Some home insurance companies can be more pet-friendly when it comes to dogs, and our independent insurance agents can help find them. They have access to a network of companies and can do the shopping for you. If you have or are considering getting a dog, let our agents compare quotes for you. Contact us today.

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