Car Insurance Myths

Car Insurance Myths

Car Insurance Myths

As long as car insurance has been around, there are still many misconceptions about this valuable coverage. Here are some common myths regarding auto insurance.

MYTH: You have no control over your car insurance rates.

Not true. You can start by driving safer. You can explore discounts. You can drive a safer car. You can raise your deductibles. You may even be able to take a driving course to earn savings. There’s more you can do than you may think.

MYTH: Car insurance companies are all the same.

Car insurance companies can vary dramatically, including their service, response, and even rates. Some offer discounts for monitored driving. It can pay to look around.

MYTH: You should stay with the same car insurance company year after year.

It is far better to compare rates annually. Car insurance companies know drivers don’t like to search for different insurance coverage. This can lead to rates that creep up year after year.

MYTH: Changing car insurance companies is a hassle.

Changing car insurance companies may only take minutes, and one of our independent insurance agents can help. It is usually easier than most believe.

MYTH: State Minimums are adequate.

Car insurance state minimums are generally adequate to keep you driving legally, they may not be sufficient to protect you. Consider raising your coverage limits and/or adding uninsured driver’s coverage. The added expense may be less than you may think.

MYTH: Insurance agents are all the same.

Car insurance agents generally fall into one of two broad categories. They may be captive agents or independent agents. Captive agents represent the products of one brand or company. Independent agents represent the insurance products of multiple companies. Independent insurance agents can offer more choices and frequently better value.

When comparing car insurance rates, it is important to include quotes from an independent agent. In essence, they can do the shopping for you. Contact one of our independent insurance agents today for your no-obligation review and price quote. Put the myths aside and start saving by contacting us today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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